Technology & trialwiseSCAN

trialwiseSCAN is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant, validated mobile document scanning application that is fully configurable and globally scalable from single site to multiple studies spanning different sponsors and eTMF vendors.


  • Enhance the Capabilities of Your eTMF
    Provide greater flexibility, seamless mobile connectivity and optimized workflows.

  • Control
    Provide the functionality you need with the flexibility & control your require.

  • Increased Agility
    Quickly respond to changing needs and rapidly deploy to teams.


  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance and access control
    Secure documents while on-device behind biometric login and silo from cloud backups. See our Compliance Checklist for details of the controls used to maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Auto-populate metadata at the point of capture
    Reduce redundant data entry and minimize document classification errors by automating the indexing process. Indexing and contextual metadata is applied on-device according to a given Filing Standard. See our whitepaper on document indexing for more details.

  • Multi vendor eTMF connectivity
    trialwiseSCAN is vendor agnostic. Seamlessly integrate with study specific eTMFs across multiple eTMF vendors.

  • Internally validated
    trialwiseSCAN is internally validated against established requirements for reliability, consistency and accuracy.

  • Highly configurable and flexible
    Have the flexibility to configure according to study or eTMF vendor specific requirements. Ask the Trialwise Support Team to set a study or company specific Filing Standard for you, or use the TrialwiseSCAN Portal to manage your settings, Filing Standards, metadata and users (no coding required).

  • Rapid Deployment
    Control deployment across an enterprise, specific project teams or individuals.