Clinical Operations & trialwiseSCAN

trialwiseSCAN is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant, validated mobile document scanning application that delivers on-device indexing and direct eTMF transfer to maximize operational efficiency and enhance TMF quality.


  • Improve Filing Efficiency
    Reduce the manual processes that hamper timely document collection, and free-up resources to work on higher value tasks.
  • Accelerate Document Collection
    Achieve a faster flow of accurately indexed documents into your eTMF.

  • Improve TMF quality
    Deliver timely, complete and accurate TMFs.


  • Scan documents wherever you go
    Capture documents quickly, and conveniently during site visits from an iPhone.

  • Automate filename generation
    Minimize manual data entry with autogenerated document filenames that align with your study specific filename conventions and standards.

  • Index and apply metadata at the point of capture
    Promote file consistency with accurate and effortless document classification, and the automated application of index metadata on-device. See our whitepaper on document indexing for more details.

  • Multi vendor eTMF connectivity
    Seamlessly export documents to a study specific eTMF directly from an iPhone.

  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance and access control
    Secure documents while on-device behind biometric login and silo from cloud backups. See our Compliance Checklist for details of the controls used to maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Highly configurable and easy to use
    Quickly scan, index and transfer documents to your eTMF in just a few taps. Choose to configure remotely and deploy to a project team; or configure individually on-device.