Top 5 Tips for Creating Quality Document Scans on Your Smartphone.

If you work from home or are out of the office, the fastest and most convenient way to scan a document is often just to use your smartphone. What is the trick to producing professional, consistently high quality document images with a smartphone? 

Well, I’ve spent the past couple of years testing a number of apps under different conditions and here are my top 5 tips:

1.      Hold the phone flat in the palm of your hand

This helps to steady the camera and minimizes any shadowing, particularly if you are in an area with bright overhead lighting.

2.      Use a contrasting background

It helps to differentiate the document from other surfaces and makes it easier for the sensors to identify the edges, meaning no need to manually crop the page.

3.      Use auto mode

Lets the camera do its thing and take the crispest image.

4.      For extra quality, dial up the dpi

Use 200-300 dpi as a minimum.  The final file size will be larger but the documents will be much better quality.

5.      Check the images

Make sure that you have all the pages, that they’re in the correct order and have been cropped and rotated correctly and that nothing has been lost during the scanning process e.g. headers, footers or water marks.

That’s it. Easy! There are many, many scanning apps out there. Find the one that works best for you. For me, image quality and document security and confidentiality are vital. What do you look for?