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The first vendor agnostic, mobile document scanning & indexing solution for the clinical trial industry.

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Our scanning solution, trialwiseSCAN, is intended to help clinical research organizations improve eTMF quality by streamlining the transfer of documents from trial site to eTMF.

compliance + simplicity

Our mission is to help clinical research organizations improve quality, make things more efficient and reduce costs through the development of validated, 21CFR Part 11 compliant, industry leading technology.


Scan, index and export to your eTMF seamlessly.

trialwiseSCAN is designed to reduce the bottlenecks commonly associated with eTMF filing, by automating the processes that digitize, index, and transfer paper documents from site to eTMF. Our streamlined approach drives greater efficiency, and delivers not only speed, but also the control required to help maintain inspection readiness.


Cut document handling time by 60%.

In a recent study, trialwiseSCAN users spent 60% less time handling site documents – that is, 60% less time copying, indexing and transferring documents to the eTMF. Site documents also reached the eTMF more quickly, leading to better file timeliness and completeness, two key indicators of TMF quality.

Our systems are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and designed to the highest standards.

Take your eTMF to the next level.

Maintain your competitive edge with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant technology that enhances the quality of your eTMF and improves operational efficiency. 

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